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In 2017, the second year of ASEAN SEI-KATSU-SHA FORUM in Vietnam, HILL ASEAN examined topic “Millennials – One size fits all? A GAP IN ASEAN GENERATION”.

Millennials are a demographic cohort, generally used worldwide to describe the generation born between 1980s – 1990s. Here in Vietnam where its economic growth is one of the fastest in the world, our study aims to find out if we can, or should, view the people born in the 80s and 90s as one category.

This forum revealed fresh perspectives on lifestyles and aspiration of each generation in Vietnam, what drives them and how to cater to their needs through suitable marketing approaches.

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Issue 003 is a glance on Newly-Wed couples’ lives in general and their home appliances in particular.

Compared to older generations, young couples are more romantic and more equal thanks to the development of economy, westernization and digitalization.

The household chores are for both. The purchase power is shared. Every day, they express more love, more care.

They are not sheer sweet lovers nor fanatic equality seeker. They are the consolidated teams.


There are 3 stages in their lives: Single stage, Newly-Wed stage, and Stable stage. One of the biggest differences of each stage is Home Appliances. As their life stage changes, their perceptions on Home Appliances change dramatically. We also studied about their purchasing journey & the way they categorize Home Appliances.

Video Clip introducing HILL Magazine Vol 3: [Link]

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The second issue features a Car drawing survey to predict future trends in automobiles.

It is based on the hypothesis that future prediction could be made from the pictures drawn by children. In the survey, a parent and a child drew a picture of what comes to mind when you hear the word “car” and car you want to drive in the future.

The findings of this experiment showed that some models of cars will lose popularity despite their strong presence in the market. As in the previous issue, HAKUHODO staff will lend insight into the finding with their comments.

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Issue 001 captures the picture of shopping behavior of Hanoian and Saigonese. It shows how Vietnamese Sei-katsu-sha (people) are different in the two key cities representative for two regions, North and South.

People in HCMC seek unexpected things and purchase things more independently. Meanwhile, people living in Hanoi try to clear their task in shopping and ask more opinions from others.

We also found out that MT channel is like special entertainment place for family and friends. While TT channel is the place for individual to complete their daily duty.

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The Pre-issue 000 extracts the content from HILL ASEAN VIETNAM forum 2016 to show how Vietnamese Sei-katsu-sha are different in Hanoi and Hochiminh City.

In Hochiminh City, people approach their desired lifestyle by imaging their goal such as happy moments with family. On the other hand, in Hanoi, people approach to their desired life  by fulfilling the means such as job and income.

According to the survey done by HAKUHODO, HCMC people are more individualistic, emotion-oriented, and focus on the present. In contrast, Hanoi people are more affected by social norms, function-oriented, and focus more on long-term.

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